DMD Pathfinders continue to mentor you people with Duchenne preparing for adulthood

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Matt, Mithun and Farhan represented DMD Pathfinders at the Takin’ Charge session at Helen and Douglas House in Oxford on the 20th August.

The session in the morning was on Pathways to Employment.

Families and young people were inspired by their journeys which have included:

Being a self-employed graphic designer
Being a self-employed Disability Consultant
Mentoring and supporting young people with Duchenne
Being employed as an Expert by Experience for Choice Support with a role in the inspection of residential care homes alongside the CQC (Care Quality Commission) inspectors.
Running a Photography and Videography business on the side called MS Studios
Working with the London South Bank University, as a Freelance Games Tester in Residence

In the afternoon again Pathfinders contributed to the second session with Lorraine Mc Ginlay from the College of Sex and Relationship Therapists exploring further the issue of sex and relationships and Duchenne with the young people and adults present.

Lorraine has produced a helpful guide to support adults to be.

‘Pleasure Able’.
Image which can be made available on request.

Pathfinders have also been involved in the production of guidance and training on

“Talking about Sex, Sexuality and Relationships: Guidance and Standards for those working with young people with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions’

We’ve also been invited to contribute to a young adult sexuality blog here:

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