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DMD Pathfinders demonstrate the impact of their mentoring of young people with Duchenne.

Young people at the Action Duchenne’s current Takin’ Charge Session’s in St Oswald’s Newcastle and Douglas House in Oxford, have continued to benefit from the mentoring, advice and guidance from adults with DMD.

A number of DMD Pathfinders have volunteered to support the Takin’ Charge sessions to mentor young people to think about having aspirations for the future and to share some of their own successes and achievements along the way.

Talking directly as adults to young people also with Duchenne, and their families, Mark, Alan, Ryan, Mithun, Aaron and Matt were able to demonstrate the positive difference of their mentoring.

Ryan Worth and adult with DMD said:

It was a privilege to show young people with Duchenne that there is life beyond the condition and to not allow anyone to silence you. Society can be the biggest factor in disabling people such as ourselves, with help we can be integrated. We need to be put at the forefront and it can take a push from parents but it’s vital for changing attitudes, and disabled people have to be at the heart of any discussions regarding our future/policy decision. Takin’ Charge is a brilliant first step to get people thinking about their adult lives and independence. It’s an honour to be involved in such a project and we at DMD Pathfinders will continue to support the Takin’ Charge project.

Matt O’ Sullivan said:

It was great to get to speak to so many young people and families an see the difference my experiences made to them, thinking that they too can achieve good things in the future. We need to make more opportunities for adults to directly speak to young people and their families. We have the information that they need about how it’s possible to have a great life, and it revitalizes their look towards the future, whilst living with Duchenne. Who else is going to give them this information if not us adults – I’m thrilled and honoured to be involved with Takin’ Charge and I look forward to the follow up sessions.

Dylan Mc Dermott and young man with DMD said:

I’m delighted to be able to meet other people older than me with Duchenne. I have a lot questions for them and hope to meet some more older people with DMD in future sessions


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