Ventilation Guide

Recently we have been in the process of creating a ventilation guide for people with DMD of which most of it has been completed. This is written as a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) booklet.


Within our charity we strive to ensure important information which could improve the lives of people mainly with DMD is available. This guide may also help others with similar conditions.

As most people with our condition will at sometime require ventilation, a guide could be useful. With the range of equipment about everyone may not have information on what is available. I have myself often found valuable information about some masks from others.  We would really like pictures of the different masks and interfaces used with ventilation.

With the donation of a picture you could be improving the lives of others. So please if you can help that would be greatly appreciated and to help us help others. If people could either add photos to the group thread, otherwise email them to pathfinders.

Further Information: this guide is written by Dr. Jon Hastie and Mark Chapman with input from DMD Pathfinders. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) booklet to address common questions and concerns on respiratory and ventilation issues.


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