Living longer, healthier fulfilling lives


It is possible to achieve remarkable things with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)

With the right help and support we can travel around the world, gain a PhD, become a published author, graphic designer, music promoter…the sky’s the limit!

Adults with DMD are living longer. There are an estimated 500 people in the UK aged over 18 with Duchenne plus many more with Duchenne-like types of dystrophy. No-one expected us to live this long. As a result, organisations and agencies that were originally created to advise and support our parents/carers have been slow to respond to our needs.




Run by adults, for adults: This is our voice!

We set up DMD Pathfinders, a user-led organisation to promote choice, control and quality of life for teenagers and adults with DMD in the UK.  Over 75% of our trustees are living with DMD.

We rely on our volunteers and supporters living with DMD to shape what we do and deliver our events and services.  We also welcome help from anyone without DMD who shares our goal of letting adults with DMD speak up for themselves.  Find out how you can help.


Choice, control and quality of life


We believe everyone has the right to live a full and active life and make a meaningful contribution to the world around them

We campaign for improved standards of health and social care . We also provide advice, guidance and support to teenagers and adults with DMD on issues such as independent living, housing, employment and welfare rights.

DMD Pathfinders is a registered charity in England & Wales, no. 1155884 and in Scotland, no. SC045202


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